Examples of current program support

Environmental Defense Fund

EDF develops, through science and analysis, programs, often market-based, that seek to address major areas of environmental degradation. These include human contribution to a changing climate, the consequences of over-fishing, the impact of human practices on land, water and wildlife, and the consequences for human health of unregulated usage of chemicals and other materials. In achieving its outcomes, EDF has a long and successful history of working with both corporations and governments.

Grand Challenges

A High Meadows Foundation interdisciplinary commitment at Princeton, Grand Challenges, combines scholarship and research in basic sciences, policy and applications to address three broad environmental challenges: the energy problem; water, savannahs and society in sub-Saharan Africa; and infectious disease in a global context. This program brings together leading scholars from Princeton Environmental Institute, the Woodrow Wilson School and the Engineering School.

STEP Program

Science, technology, the environment and policy are the areas of focus of this joint program sponsored by Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School. STEP is producing important research on, among other things, the environmental impact of climate change on a variety of eco-systems while advocating policies to address it.

High Meadows Fellows

The High Meadows Foundation's Fellows program is directed by the Pace Center at Princeton University and has placed new graduates in two-year fellowships at Environmental Defense Fund, The Food Project, and Vermont Community Foundation. Fellows integrate into these organizations under the direction of their management and are assigned to appropriate programs during their stay.

North Bennet Street School

NBSS is a renowned craft and trade school. Its full-time professional programs train students for careers in such crafts as bookbinding, violin making, piano technology, and fine furniture making. High Meadows Foundation is a long time supporter of the School with a particular connection to its bookbinding program.

The Alliance for Business Leadership

High Meadows Foundation has supported an undertaking to develop the ideas of “shared value” into a working template for a new social contract between government, business and non-governmental organizations.

Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics

Organized within Wycliffe College at Oxford University, CEME will engage and explore the important junction of religion and enterprise, markets and ethics. The Foundation has been a supporter of the Centre’s development and will support its work going forward.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

WWNFF’s roots were in responding to a shortage of University faculty following World War II. Building on this tradition of addressing large and important problems in education, it today dedicates resources to addressing the pervasive achievement gap between Americans, by race and income.

The Food Project

The Food Project brings together inner city and suburban youth in a working environment, farming and food distribution, where they collaborate in producing and selling farm grown products. Headquartered in Boston, TFP offers both a learning experience for young people in agriculture and getting good things to eat to market, and in collaboration among youth who have culturally different backgrounds.

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